Mono Implant Seminar with our Mono Implant Academy

Our "Mono Implant Seminar," hosted by the esteemed Mono Implant Academy, serves as a groundbreaking gateway to the future of dentistry. Designed to augment dental professionals' skills, this seminar provides intensive, hands-on training on innovative bendable titanium mono implants.

These implants are swiftly transforming the dental industry, offering a simple, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional implants. As part of the seminar, you'll discover the comprehensive surgical protocols needed to integrate these advanced implants into your practice while bolstering your potential to increase your profit margins significantly. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your practice, expand your service offerings, and positively impact your patients' lives with the "Mono Implant Seminar."

Welcome to the Revolutionary World of Mono Implants

Dental implantology has evolved significantly over the years, primarily focusing on improving patient experience, reducing recovery times, and maximizing success rates. At the cutting edge of these advancements, you'll find mono implants.

A mono implant offers a complete dental solution transforming lives in ways that traditional dentures and mini implants never could. Our mission at the Mono Implant Academy is to empower dental professionals with the knowledge and skills to bring this revolutionary solution to their practices.

Discover the Potential of Mono Implant Dentistry

The beauty of mono-implant dentistry lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. Here's what sets it apart:

Elevate Your Practice with Our Hands-on Mono Implant Seminar

Are you ready to advance your career in dentistry? Our exclusive hands-on mono implant seminar is the ideal opportunity for dental professionals seeking to enhance their skills in implantology. You will learn how to place these innovative bendable titanium mono implants, providing a more efficient and lucrative option for your patients.

Leap ahead in the dental industry with our cutting-edge at the Mono Implant Academy. This seminar is meticulously designed to provide dental professionals with practical experience and expert knowledge in implantology, explicitly focusing on the placement of bendable titanium mono implants.

Incorporating these advanced dental solutions into your practice can elevate your professional expertise, offer superior patient care, and significantly boost your earnings. The hands-on training will ensure you master the surgical protocols of the revolutionary mono-implant system. Take advantage of this chance to enhance your skill set and rise above the competition.

Why Attend our Mono Implant Seminar?

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By attending our Mono Implant Seminar, you're not just investing in a training course but securing a better future for your dental practice. Join us and be a part of the transformation in dental implantology.

Remember, opportunities like these don't come every day. Register now for our seminar and start your journey toward becoming an implant dentistry leader.

FAQs About Our Mono Implant Seminar

What can I expect to learn at the seminar?

You will gain comprehensive knowledge about the surgical protocol of the mono implant system and how to place a tooth in a day using Bendable Titanium Mono Implants with CEREC. You will learn how to significantly increase your profit margin by offering these advanced dental solutions.

How does the mono implant seminar help my career in dentistry?

The skills acquired from our seminar can differentiate your practice from others, help you meet patient expectations, and increase your income potential.

Learn How You Can Do Full Mouth Dental Implants In Only 2-Days... With All-on-1™ Mono Dental Implants Seminar and Hands-on Training

"Earn 14 CE Credits"

As with all of or in-house dentists, we teach how to place bendable titanium FULL MOUTH All-on-1 mono implants in 2-days. It's the easiest surgical protocol of any implant system on the market. Learn why it's superior to All-on-4, and costs less.

You will learn...
1)  To p
lace FULL MOUTH All-on-1 titanium mono implants and earn $49,800 with a 90% profit margin.
2)  To earn $12,000 per hour chairside as you can do a full mouth in one morning or one afternoon.
3)  Place a tooth in a day (actually in 20 minutes) using Bendable Titanium Mono Implants with CEREC and earn $4,200.
Grab Your Seat For This Two Day Seminar

Price: $2,997
We are holding a Two Day Seminar on May 10-11 in Miami, FL to teach everything you need to know about All-on-1 FULL MOUTH mono dental implants including hands-on training to place these implants.


 Jared Van Ittersum D.D.S
National Speaker & Best Selling Author
Since 2008, Dr. Van Ittersum has helped lead the most advanced private dental group in West Michigan, Infinity Dental.  During that time, he has furthered his training to place six different dental implant systems over a 14-year period.  As the co-lead dentist of the group, one of his primary roles is to train the doctors within his group to surgically place dental implants.

Prior to dental school, Dr. Jared Van Ittersum worked in BioMedical research for three years at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, developing artificial genetic codes and proteins to further the progress of growing natural teeth outside of the mouth for future implantation.  He was the keynote guest student presenter for two years at IADR (International Association of Dental Research) and AADR (American Association of Dental Research).

In 2005, Jared led an IT team at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry to collaborate with Apple, Inc. to develop iTunes U©, the international digital education authority now utilized by millions of students and is in over 300 countries. Jared represented both Apple, Inc. and the University of Michigan speaking at a multitude of education forums nationwide and became a part of a think tank team at Apple’s headquarters during the infancy of the App Store development.

This background helped inspire his pathway in finding the best dental implant systems all over the globe that he could use to help reconstruct his patients’ smiles and ability to live a healthy life. He has since become a pioneer in placing mono-body implants, the standard in implantology globally but only recently available in the United States.

CAD/CAM same-day restorations have been an integral part of his career, leading him to become a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for the state of Michigan for Henry Schein, the largest dental company in the world. Integrating custom CAD/CAM restorations with his dental implant expertise has allowed him to offer “Tooth-in-a-day” solutions that other dentists and surgeons are unable to offer. 

Notable Accolades:
  • Dean’s Advisory Board for University of Michigan School of Dentistry 
  • Faculty at Henry Schein Dental Business Institute
  • Board of Directors for Garrison Dental Solutions
  • Key Opinion Leader for CEREC Dentsply Sirona through Henry Schein
  • Owner of multi-group practice Infinity Dental
  • Founder of DDU and Total Health University training platforms for Henry Schein
  • Keynote speaker for Henry Schein with How to Build a Group Practice seminars
  • Best-selling author & author of 2-books "A Cup of Coffee With 12 Leading Dentists in the United States" and "How to Build a Group Practice"
Elias Achey D.M.D
National Speaker & Best Selling Author
Elias Achey, D.M.D. has been practicing dentistry for sixteen years while co-developing Infinity Dental Partners with his business partner Dr. Jared Van Ittersum. As a leader in the organization, Elias trail blazed the creation of a culture within Infinity Dental Partners emphasizing life transformation to create massive vision for every team member, and a purpose-driven team pioneering total health and wellness for all.
Less than two years into private practice and in the wake of the 2008 recession, Dr. Achey purchased his first two practices and began implementing the group practice protocols that have made Infinity Dental Partners successful. In a time where dentists were closing their doors and patients were putting dental care as a lower priority, his initial group thrived with his leadership.

Infinity Dental's first practice grew from $815K to $2.4 million in only 18 months under his leadership, and he's never looked back since.
His 15 years of experience managing a mult-state group practice and 19 associate dentists contributed to management modules he co-created in Infinity Dental University to give dentists the tools necessary for financial freedom and an automated, team-driven practice.

As the co-lead dentist of the group, one of his primary roles is to train the doctors within his group to surgically place dental implants.

CAD/CAM same-day restorations have been an integral part of his career. Integrating custom CAD/CAM restorations with his dental implant expertise has allowed him to offer “Tooth-in-a-day” solutions that other dentists and surgeons are unable to offer. 

Notable Accolades:
  • Faculty at Henry Schein Dental Business Institute
  • Owner of multi-group practice Infinity Dental
  • Founder of DDU and Total Health University training platforms for Henry Schein
  • Keynote speaker for Henry Schein with How to Build a Group Practice seminars
  • Best-selling author & author of 2-books "A Cup of Coffee With 12 Leading Dentists in the United States" and "How to Build a Group Practice"


Hear What Some Of Our Past Attendees Have To Say About Our Events

Mono Implant Academy Seminar Agenda
Tis seminar is more than just a learning experience — it's an opportunity to reset your goals, broaden your knowledge, and elevate your services. If you don't leave feeling invigorated and ready to seize the year, then we haven't done our job right!

Day One: Didactics, protocols and surgical techniques:
Mono implants vs. conventional two-piece implants
Anatomical considerations in implant placement
Surgical protocol for Mono Implants
Med history considerations
Pre-op protocol
Drilling protocol
Implant insertion techniques
Post-op protocol
Single Dental Implants
Immediate cases
Choosing neck height.
Placing in cribiform plates.
Palatal placement
Healed ridge cases.
Multi-Unit bridges
Full Arch cases
Terminal dentition vs. fully healed.
Full wax-ups
Clear stents
Temping a full arch
Interim communication device
Anterior aesthetic cases

Day Two: CAD/CAM, restoring Mono’s and Hands-on training
CEREC and why Primescan scanning
When to temp and when to mill final
Material choices with mono’s
CEREC crown design
How to cement on a CEREC crown over a mono
Occlusion on implant crowns
Anterior Crowns with CEREC on Mono Implants
MIYO staining system for custom aesthetics
Sending files to labs and what to say
Cementing bridges and full arch cases
Trouble Shooting mono implants
How to manage failures
Marketing implants
Financial ROI of mono implants
Financing programs to use for larger cases
Mono Implant Centers Marketing Program
Day Two Hands-On training on models

Real dentists. Real talk. Raw advice. We will share with you EXACTLY what NOT to do, as well as what to DO, why, and how to hit the ground running with your own
dental implant practice. 


As practicing dentists, we understand what is going through your mind.

We have
asked ourselves the same questions:

How can we bring in more revenue without spending a lot more time? I'm already spending all my time serving my patients with bread-and butter-dentistry. We already do Invisalign and own a CERIC machine in all 5 of our offices.

We don't have any more time and yet, we need to increase our revenue.

Here is a quote from a paper I wrote in Jan 2019:

PPOs are destroying our souls. I get why we need them and why it’s hard to say no. But it’s hard to feel warm and fuzzy about PPOs when you get reimbursed $725 for a D2740 Crown (thanks Delta Dental), or worse, $569 for a crown (thanks United Healthcare) and you see the regional CEOs of Delta Dental get multi-million-dollar salary payouts. If it takes you more than an hour to cycle through a single crown patient, you will not sustain long-term on a PPO fee schedule. Two hours to do a crown? Find another profession or change your lifestyle expectations drastically.”

And it’s only gotten worse since then.

Our costs are rising faster than our production.
In our market, just finding a dental hygienist after COVID has been difficult.

Elias and I decided that
expanding our DENTAL IMPLANT business was the best solution. And along the way, we heard about mono dental implants, which are now the foundation of our implant business.
Bendable Titanium All-on-1 Mono Dental Implants
It’s our opinion that the mono implant are the “Holy Grail” of dental implants.

It’s a system any dentist can easily learn. Mono implants are better than traditional implants and All-on-4 implants. And best of all, you can learn all about them and how to place them in two days.

All-on-1 FULL MOUTH mono dental implants, will transform your practice. It's the only procedure where you can work one day a week and be an millionaire.

If you have looked into other implant solutions, you know they are confusing and can cause a lot of anxiety. This is not the case with All-on-1 mono dental implants.

When we first heard about mono implants... 


When I first heard about mono implants, I turned to the usual sources for this type of information (the internet, forums, and other conventional sources) to find out more about mono implants and there wasn’t anything.

I talked to the reps who were selling implants and they never had seen anything like them before.

Before becoming a dentist, I was in the research department at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, working on a project to grow new teeth. So I knew there had to be more information about Mono Implants, after all, they have been used for the past 20 years outside the U.S.,
so I turned to other sources I had used as a researcher, and there began my journey into Mono Implants.

I got on overseas forums, ordered virtually every book I could find on Mono Implants, and
corresponded with other dentists, professors, and mono implant manufacturers.
I approached it as both a dentist and a research scientist.

I hate to say it, but I found that the United States
is so far behind the rest of the world on dental implantology.

I’ve been following my implant patients long enough to see the results, which are absolutely amazing.

They are small like mini-implant and
you can load them immediately because you are implanting into the stronger, denser bone of the jawbone. You will discover that they are:

Unlike traditional implants that are embedded into the softer bone tissue that has been used by dental surgeons for years. It follows the principles of the orthopedic community of putting screws into the outer layer of bone, which orthopedic surgeons have been doing for the past 20 years.

Unlike current methods like All-on-4 and traditional implants, it doesn’t require aggressive surgery, or bone reduction to make room for the implant and prothesis.

Unlike other implant systems, any dentist who wants to do implants can be trained using this system.
They also will get superior results to any of the other implant system on the market.

Ultimately, the biggest barrier to entry isn’t the availability of the product itself,
it was the lack of a place to get trained.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Bendable Titanium Mono Implants
  1. Mono implants are self-taping small implants similar in size to mini implants. Therefore, they don't require major surgery, as does a traditional implant.
  2. They cost the dentist 10% - 12% of the cost of a traditional implant, so you can afford to have a small stock of them on hand.
  3. They are stronger than traditional implants because they aren't hollowed out to accept a screw. Instead, they are single-piece implants to secure a crown or bridge.
  4. The implants can be secured into the strongest part of the jawbone so they can be loaded immediately.
  5. Mono implants don't create bone loss and can even grow your bone.
  6. Mono implantation is easy to learn, so you can place implants the day after your training.
  7. There is no confusion and anxiety learning the mono implant system as there is with other implant systems.
  8. The cost of a full arch is significantly less than the cost of All-on-4 implants.
  9. You can use more implants (8-12) to support the prostheses building a stronger foundation to distribute the force of a patient’s bite.
  10. You can offer your patients a dramatically less expensive implant, so you are able to close more cases.
  11. You can break through the income ceiling that PPOs have imposed on your income and strategically build your implant revenue to $80K a month.
  12. You can increase your take-home pay because of a high profit margin with mono implants.

Beyond just the seminar, If you decide to get licensed with All-on-1, you will get a business in a Box, a business model to integrate into your dental practice for maximum success.

You will have access to a private group of dentists who are doing the same thing you are doing and can share cases and get an extra set of eyes on more difficult cases.

And so much more…
We are holding the seminar on:
May 10-11, 2024, in Miami, Florida

To teach a group of dentists hands-on training on how to do FULL MOUTH bendable titanium mono dental implants.


What Will Be Revealed

  1. On Day 1, you will learn everything you need to know about bendable titanium mono implants and why they are superior to traditional implants and other implant systems.
  2. On Day 2, you will learn how to place bendable titanium mono implants, including hands-on training in a lab setting.
  3. How to strategically build your implant revenue to $1,000,000 a year or more.
  4. How to provide your patients with a more comfortable and affordable solution compared to current systems like traditional implants and All-on-4 systems provide.
  5. How to do implants in a single visit instead of taking months as required with traditional implants.
  6. How to 3X the value of your dental practice when you want to sell.
  7. How to get a “business in a box,” a business model for integrating into your dental practice for maximum success.
  8. How to access our private group of mono implant dentists to create a community to share, support, and discuss cases to get more experienced eyes on your situation.
  9. How to market and get patients quickly to secure the highest ROI on your investment.

For Those Attending... 


For those attending, we will give you the opportunity to get licensed with All-on-1 dental implants. We will explain to you what benefits you get when associating with our company.

For those that would rather go it alone, without our help, it’s not a problem. You will still learn what you need to know about FULL MOUTH All-on-1 bendable titanium mono implants and how to place them, so you are ready to get started right away when you return home.

You will find that we are strong advocates of not going it alone. We hired consultants that have helped us build our business to levels we could not have achieved by ourselves. That’s how we grew our first practice from
$815K to $ 2.4 million in 18 months.

Our license agreement will give you access to resources you simply can’t duplicate on your own, which we will share at the seminar.

As a special bonus: You will receive a checklist of everything you will need to do to get started when you return home.

A second special bonus for attending: We will provide you information on how to access some of the resources that you will need to build a successful implant business. However, you will only get the discounts we have negotiated for those that are licensed with All-on-1.
If We Reach Our Maximum For The Seminar

If we have reached our maximum for this seminar, you will be informed that we are sold out, and you can leave your information to be contacted when we have another seminar.

We would recommend that you secure your seat ASAP. It could easily cost you over $160,000 in lost revenue if you wait and miss out on this opportunity. And, there isn't a guarantee that you can get into our next seminar.

If you don't reserve your seat at this seminar, you will still be in the same place you find yourself today.

1)  PPOs putting a cap on your income
2)  Not enjoying dentistry like you once did
3)  Losing high-revenue, high-profit cases to competitors
4)  Watching your patients suffer from an unnecessary surgery that could be avoided if you only attended this seminar
5)  Wondering what life could be like if you only availed yourself of this life-changing opportunity.
Don't be faced with those regrets. This is something you can do.

If at three dentists just out of dental school can learn this in a day, you can do this.
The Price is: $2,997 For This Seminar
January 10-11, 2024, in Miami, Florida

To teach a small group of dentists hands-on training on how to place FULL MOUTH bendable titanium mono dental implants and get 90% profit margins.


PS. Two things I didn't share with you that you will learn about at this seminar:

1. How to get $10,000/month free advertising for Google Ads and YouTube Ads.

2. How to sell your business for 3X what everyone else is selling for.

Don't forget to reserve your seat; you don't want to miss this seminar.

You won't get the information we will be sharing anyplace else.