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Affiliate Program Materials

Welcome to our affiliate program! We have prepared a range of materials that you can utilize in your marketing efforts to promote our seminar.
Note: One thing I failed to mention in the presentation, dentists in the State of Michigan are not eligible for this program. I’m sure you can appreciate that Jared and Elias don’t want to train their competition for three thousand dollars and lose millions of dollars in dental implant business.


We have a collection of informative and engaging videos available on our website that cover various topics related to All-0n-1 mono dental implants and to our Seminar sign-up page. These videos offer valuable insights into our training style, the benefits of our products, and success stories from satisfied customers. Feel free to customize the intro and outro to personalize them for your audience.

Mono Implant Academy Website

As an affiliate, you have permission to use our All-on-1 logo in your advertisements and marketing initiatives. This logo will help establish brand recognition and credibility in your promotions.


Download All-0n-1 Logo

To assist you in your marketing endeavors, we have provided a sample email that you can adapt or use as inspiration for your own campaigns. This email has been developed based on our successful marketing efforts and can serve as a starting point for your communication with potential customers.


Download First Contact Email

We have created a comprehensive 33-page PDF titled "Bridge The Gap Between Where You Are Now And $1,000,000 of New Yearly Revenue With All-on-1™ Mono Dental Implants." This PDF offers valuable insights and recommendations specifically tailored to dentists. It covers various strategies to increase revenue using our products.


Download 33-Page PDF

We are providing you with a copy of the PowerPoint presentation from the webinar you attended. This presentation contains valuable information that you can leverage in your marketing efforts to highlight the benefits of our products and services. It covers topics such as the features of our products, the advantages they offer over traditional methods.


Download PowerPoint Presentation

I want to give you a ChatGpt-3 prompt that I use every day as a special bonus. It’s an amazing prompt that critiques your emails or articles.

Description of the prompt: Two personas coexist within you: the writer persona and the critic persona. When the input article that needs editing is entered as a prompt, the critic persona comes up first and reads the input article critically. The critic persona relentlessly looks for things to criticize in the input article, no matter what, including following elements. In a critique, never mention the good things of writing. Only the things the critic should do is to criticize.

You must download and paste in the entire prompt, not just the description I gave you above.

The next email or article you write, test it out. You will be amazed at the results. I hope you like it.


Download Amazing Prompt

We hope these materials will enhance your marketing activities and contribute to your success as an affiliate. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Randy at