Mono Implant Academy
Affiliate Program

Welcome to Mono Implant Academy affiliate program.
You must apply to become an affiliate and please understand that we don’t approve everyone.
We believe Mono Implant Academy is an incredible opportunity to open the doors into dental offices. It is important that you understand that we will offer dentists who become licensed with us high-end marketing services at a discounted price.

It is fair to say that not every dentist who attends our seminar will become licensed with us and would rather go it alone. In those cases, you would only receive a commission on the seminar registration fee.

We do pay a commission on the services we provide. If you want to get paid an ongoing commission for as long as the dentist stays with us, then you will quickly see that this is a highly profitable affiliate program.
Here is how the payouts work:
15% of the seminar registration fee:
The current registration fee is $2997 so you will receive $449.55

5% of the licensing fee for the first year only:
A $2000/month expected fee is $24,000 first year, so you will receive $1,200

15% of marketing fees as long as the client stays with us:
Example: assume that a client pays $2000/month, you would receive $300/mth and not do any work = $3,600/year

We provide the following marketing services:
  • SEO services
  • GMB services
  • Social media services
  • Online advertising (don’t pay commissions on ad cost)

This is for illustrative purposes only and no guarantee:
  • Registration commission:  $449.55
  • License fee commission:  $1,200
  • Marketing commission:  $3,600
  • Total commission = $5,249.55

We provide an affiliate group page as we expect Mono Implant Academy to be doing training seminars for dentists for the next 10 years.

Why would a dentist want to attend the Mono Implant Academy Seminar?

Dentist’s incomes are currently being squeezed because of PPO’s and increasing labor costs, with no way to adjust their prices to keep up with it. The bottom line is they are working longer hours for less money.

We offer them an opportunity to bring on a Fee for Service program that can add an additional $1,000,000 a year to their practice at a 95% gross profit margin. To put that into perspective, my son Dr. Jared Van Ittersum and his partner Dr. Elias Achey average over $12,000/hour doing mono dental implants. It is the highest value and most profitable service a dentist can provide to their patients.

Why aren’t dentists offering Full Mouth dental implants to their patients now?

As you will learn, the biggest competitor is Clear Choice All-on-4™ dental implants. This system is extremely difficult, complicated and requires a week or more of training costing around $25,000. This is because it requires very aggressive surgery to remove part of a patient’s jawbone to make room for the implant and prothesis.

Although mono dental implants have been the gold standard of Full Mouth Implants outside the United States for two decades, they weren’t approved by the FDA until June of 2020 here in the United States.

As a result, few dentists have even heard of them, or know how easy they are for a dentist to become trained to place them. They don’t require removing part of a patient’s jawbone (no aggressive surgery), they don’t require bone grafts (saving significant costs), and a dentist can learn everything they need to do the All-on-1™ Mono Implant System at the two-day seminar.

These implants are superior to All-on-4™, cost less, and easy to do. And a dentist can make life changing income doing them.

The problem up until now is there wasn’t anyplace to learn how to place these implants other than going overseas to learn. Until now. Mono Dental Implants provides a Turnkey Solution, that will literally change the dentist’s life as well as the lives of many patients.
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