Mono Implant Seminar with our Mono Implant Academy

Our "Mono Implant Seminar," hosted by the esteemed Mono Implant Academy, serves as a groundbreaking gateway to the future of dentistry. Designed to augment dental professionals' skills, this seminar provides intensive, hands-on training on innovative bendable titanium mono implants.

Welcome to the Revolutionary World of Mono Implants

Dental implantology has evolved significantly over the years, primarily focusing on improving patient experience, reducing recovery times, and maximizing success rates. At the cutting edge of these advancements, you'll find mono implants.

A mono implant offers a complete dental solution transforming lives in ways that traditional dentures and mini implants never could. Our mission at the Mono Implant Academy is to empower dental professionals with the knowledge and skills to bring this revolutionary solution to their practices.

Discover the Potential of Mono Implant Dentistry

The beauty of mono-implant dentistry lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. Here's what sets it apart:

Elevate Your Practice with Our Hands-on Mono Implant Seminar

Are you ready to advance your career in dentistry? Our exclusive hands-on mono implant seminar is the ideal opportunity for dental professionals seeking to enhance their skills in implantology. You will learn how to place these innovative bendable titanium mono implants, providing a more efficient and lucrative option for your patients.

Leap ahead in the dental industry with our cutting-edge at the Mono Implant Academy. This seminar is meticulously designed to provide dental professionals with practical experience and expert knowledge in implantology, specifically focusing on the placement of bendable titanium mono implants.

Incorporating these advanced dental solutions into your practice can elevate your professional expertise, offer superior patient care, and significantly boost your earnings. The hands-on training will ensure you master the surgical protocols of the revolutionary mono-implant system. Don't miss this chance to enhance your skill set and rise above the competition.

Why Attend our Mono Implant Seminar?

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By attending our Mono Implant Seminar, you're not just investing in a training course but securing a better future for your dental practice. Join us and be a part of the transformation in dental implantology.

Remember, opportunities like these don't come every day. Register now for our seminar and start your journey toward becoming an implant dentistry leader.

FAQs About Our Mono Implant Seminar

What can I expect to learn at the seminar?

You will gain comprehensive knowledge about the surgical protocol of the mono implant system and how to place a tooth in a day using Bendable Titanium Mono Implants with CEREC. you will learn how to significantly increase your profit margin by offering these advanced dental solutions.

How does the mono implant seminar help my career in dentistry?

The skills acquired from our seminar can differentiate your practice from others, help you meet patient expectations, and increase your income potential.

"Revolutionize Your Dental Practice with  All-on-1™ Mono Implant Academy's FULL MOUTH Implant Training Program"

The academy aims to educate dental professionals on the benefits of using mono implants, a groundbreaking technology that has been used successfully outside the US for over two decades. With mono implants recently FDA-approved and now available in the United States, dental professionals can now offer patients an affordable and effective solution for FULL MOUTH implants. They are superior to All-on-4™, cost less, and easier to learn and place. It's flapless surgery with ZERO bone reduction.

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All-on-1 FP1 Prosthesis
Learn Why Mono Implants Are The Gold Standard Of Dental Implants

All-on-4™ verses All-on-1™

A major advantage of All-on-1™ mono implants is that they are more stable than All-on-4™ implants. With All-on-4™ implants, the angulation of the implants can create pressure points, which can lead to fractures in the implant or the cantilevered full arch prostheses. All-on-1™ mono implants offer a more stable solution since 8 to 12 implants are placed, which provides more support to the full ache prosthesis.

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"Mono Implants vs Traditional Implants: Comparing Cost, Convenience, and Quality"

Choosing All-on-1™ mono implants over traditional methods can save patients time, money, and discomfort. The procedure is also suitable for most people, including those with reduced bone density, and can provide a permanent solution to missing teeth.

”The Future of Dental Implants is Here! Discover the Benefits of Mono implants Today!”

Mono implants are the latest innovation in the field of dental implants – which means they provide a much better solution than their predecessors. At their core, mono implants are one-piece implants that replicate the natural root structure of your tooth.

"Full Arch Mono Implants: Providing Greater Support and Durability Than All-on-Four!"

You see, the beauty of this approach lies in its ability to provide greater support to the full arch, so there isn’t the risk of the full arch prosthesis fracturing as is the case with All-on-4™ cantilevered arches. But the real kicker here is that if there ever was a problem with the support system, it's a simple fix with mono implants. No need to go through the hassle of redoing the entire system, like you would have to if you opted for an All-on-4 dental implant full arch.

"The Future of Tooth Replacement is Here: Discover the Benefits of Immediate Load Mono Implants"

Their ability to support immediate loading is at the heart of mono implants' success. That means that a new tooth can be placed onto the implant immediately after it is inserted without a prolonged waiting period. This process is often referred to as "same day" or "immediate" implants because it allows you to receive a new tooth almost instantly.

"The Game-Changing Advancement in Dental Implants: Mono dental Implants and CERIC Technology!"

While traditional dental implants have been a reliable option for many patients, the introduction of mono implants with CERIC technology has revolutionized the field of dental restoration.
Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Bendable Titanium Mono Implants
  1. Mono implants are self-taping small implants similar in size to mini implants. Therefore, they don't require major surgery, as does a traditional implant.
  2. They cost the dentist 10% - 12% of the cost of a traditional implant, so you can afford to have a small stock of them on hand.
  3. They are stronger than traditional implants because they aren't hollowed out to accept a screw. Instead, they are single-piece implants to secure a crown or bridge.
  4. The implants can be secured into the strongest part of the jawbone so they can be loaded immediately.
  5. Mono implants don't create bone loss and can even grow your bone.
  6. Mono implantation is easy to learn, so you can place implants the day after your training.
  7. There is no confusion and anxiety learning the mono implant system as there is with other implant systems.
  8. The cost of a full arch is significantly less than the cost of All-on-4 implants.
  9. You can use more implants (8-12) to support the prostheses building a stronger foundation to distribute the force of a patient’s bite.
  10. You can offer your patients a dramatically less expensive implant, so you are able to close more cases.
  11. You can break through the income ceiling that PPOs have imposed on your income and strategically build your implant revenue to $80K a month.
  12. You can increase your take-home pay because of a high profit margin with mono implants.

Dr. Jared Van Ittersum Dental Implant Specialist

"We are excited to launch the Mono Implant Academy, which will serve as a hub for educating and training dental professionals on the latest techniques and technologies in dental implant care," said Dr. Jared Van Ittersum, CEO of Mono Implant Centers. "Our goal is to educate and empower dental professionals to provide high-quality, affordable dental implant care for patients throughout the nation."
Dr. Jared Van Ittersum, the Chief Executive Officer of Mono Implant Centers. "The academy is a testament to our commitment towards imparting knowledge, skills, and expertise to dental practitioners across the country."
Designed to provide comprehensive training in the use of mono implants, the Mono Implant Academy offers a unique opportunity for dental professionals to improve their expertise and deliver advanced-level services to their patients. The academy offers a range of courses, including hands-on training, seminars, and webinars, all led by Dr. Elias Achey and Dr. Jared Van Ittersum
"For years, dental professionals have been searching for a more affordable and effective solution for patients seeking dental implants," said Dr. Elias Achey, Chief Dental Officer of Mono Implant Centers. "With mono implants now FDA-approved and available in the United States, we have a unique opportunity to make this revolutionary technology accessible to patients across the country."
 "For us, it's about bringing affordable, high-quality implant mono implant procedures to patients in the US. The academy offers an opportunity for dentists across the country to learn about the benefits of this technology, which offers high success rates, improved outcomes, and faster healing times," said Dr. Elias Achey, the Director of Clinical Affairs at Mono Implant Centers
Dr. Elias Achey Dental Implant Specialist
"Gain the Confidence and Knowledge to Provide Full Mouth Implant Care with Mono Implant Academy"
The academy is open to dental professionals, regardless of their experience, with courses offered so you will be ready to start offering the FULL MOUTH mono implant system to your patients.

The academy's course content includes:

  • Implant selection and placement protocols
  • Digital treatment planning and CAD/CAM techniques
  • Immediate implant placement and restoration
Dentists who attend will benefit from the knowledge and skills that they will gain, which can be used to improve patient care, build a practice, and advance their career.

The opening of the Mono Implant Academy marks a significant milestone in the dental industry, as dental professionals can now access training and resources to provide high-quality, affordable FULL MOUTH dental implant services to patients.

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